November 24, 2021 South

Sermon Recap and Small Group Discussion Questions

Sermon Recap and Small Group Discussion Questions

This past weekend we finished up our sermon series, Map Makers. This final sermon encompassed all of the nine traits of what it looks like to be a wholly devoted follower for us to emulate. 

Pastor Chad organized these nine traits into three phases, ME, US and THEM. In the first phase (ME) we have realized our brokenness and have committed to being a follower of Jesus and living our lives as a worshipper. In the second phase (US) we begin seeing the people around us differently and should desire to show them abundant grace, truth and love.

As we move through these first two phases we enter into the next level of becoming a wholly devoted follower of Jesus, (THEM). We are called out of the holy community we have been given to serve the greater world around us. To do this well we MUST be people defined by GIVING, SERVING, and WITNESSING.

So how are you giving to those around you with a generous heart?

How are you serving the least of these?

Who are you witnessing to each day? 

Pray about where you are in this journey to becoming a wholly devoted follower. Continue pushing yourself on the trail that leads to Him and find a higher perspective than you have ever seen before. 

Sermon Summary Video: Click here. 

Sermon Outline: Click here. 


Journeying together,