November 17, 2021 South

Sermon Recap and Small Group Discussion Questions

Sermon Recap and Small Group Discussion Questions

For three weeks we are discussing what it looks like to be a wholly devoted follower of Jesus. The first three markings reflect our heart as we begin to understand better the destitution God has saved us from and give Him the glory for this. We (1) admit our brokenness and need of Jesus, we (2) commit to being a follower of His word and we (3) worship Him with our lives.

After that we begin a transition from our moment of salvation into a process of sanctification. Our transformation begins to overflow from internal work into external work as we move from freeing ourselves to freeing other people. This includes three more markings which are (4) giving others grace, (5) telling truths, and becoming (6) people lovers.

Many Christians become stagnant after salvation, basking in their own freedom and happiness. What would it look like if the church today was filled with people who overwhelmed this world with God's ceaseless grace, truth and love?

Get together with your community and discuss what it would require to take your commitment to follow Jesus the next step further.

Sermon Notes: Click here.

Summary Video: Click here.

Discussion Questions: 

1. Who do you know that gives grace, tells truth and loves people really well? Give an example of what you see them do that reflects Jesus.

2. Remember your moment of salvation when you realized your own personal need for Jesus. What was that like? Share with someone.

3. Consider how you can give grace, tell truth and love people better. What is one thing you can practice in order to improve this outward reflection of your inward salvation?


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