November 09, 2021 South

Sermon Recap and Small Group Discussion Questions

Sermon Recap and Small Group Discussion Questions

As we talked about on Sunday, worshippers are a mark of a wholly devoted follower of Jesus. True worship understands the destitution that we cannot escape on our own and the life-changing grace that Christ offers us as a free gift. 

The kind of worship God really cares about is not just on Sundays, but includes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. When you think about how your week is going, would you say you have used all of the days this week to honor God and give Him glory? Where do you see room for improvement?

If from the moment you wake to the time you go to sleep at night, your day is filled with opportunities to worship, how do you want to approach your time differently?

Confess to Jesus where you feel you are falling short. Accept His never ending grace and ask Him for the wisdom on how to do better!

Sermon Summary Video: Click here.

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Sermon Discussion Questions: 

1. Why do you think you have trouble including time with God in every day of the week, instead of just on Sundays? 

2. What can you do differently from now on to approach each day with a heart of worship?

3. What can the church as a whole do better to live as an example of daily worship to the world around us?


Journeying together,