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Sermon Recap and Small Group Discussion Questions

Sermon Recap and Small Group Discussion Questions

Have you ever experienced a time when you became lost while walking along a trail out in the woods? Maybe the trail was longer than you expected or you took a wrong turn, but either way you are beginning to feel anxious. Put yourself there in that moment. You can't see anything over the tall trees and there is no one else in sight. You ate the granola bar you packed thirty minutes ago, and you are running out of water. 

Becoming panicked, you are frantically looking for the next sign or trail blaze to show you that you are going in the right direction. You try to calm yourself down by breathing deeply and telling yourself not to assume the worst. What are some other thoughts racing through your head? Have you quickened your pace? What exactly are you feeling?

Suddenly you see a sign!! You might feel instantaneous relief when it signifies that you are continuing down the correct path, or you may feel confusion when you see it directing you further in the direction of the dense trees. Maybe you feel disappointment that you aren't at all where you thought you were. These trail markers are extremely important to the journey and hold a great influence over the hikers trying to find their way down the path.  

If Christians are meant to be like "trail blazes" pointing the way for others to follow, what do you think people feel when they see you? What does your countenance put off? Do they feel comfort, or angst? Do they feel safety or uncertainty? Clarity or confusion? Take some time to pray with the Lord and make an honest assessment of the blaze you represent to others who are lost on the trail. Ask the Lord to shape you into showing less of you and more of His holy character.

Sermon Notes: Click here.

Sermon Summary Video: Click here.

Discussion Questions: 

1. Why does God give us the Great Commandment, before the Great Commission? Why is the order important?

2. If we are called to be like "trail blazers", where do you think your blaze is pointing to according to what you spend the majority of your time and resources on?

3. In the acronym B.L.E.S.S. (begin with prayer, listen, eat with others, serve, and stories) which is the hardest for you to do? What can you change to do this practice better?

4. Which of the three trailheads (family, community, nations) is the hardest for you to bless? Why do you think that is?


Journeying together,