October 19, 2021 South

Sermon Recap and Small Group Discussion Questions

Sermon Recap and Small Group Discussion Questions

What does surrendering to Christ' authority mean to you? Is it a posture, a practice, a commitment?

There are many misconceptions regarding this "surrender to Christ" and what exactly it looks like.  Some people believe surrendering is that single point in time when making the decision to follow Him. Others may believe it is the moment of baptism, and still others regard what they do daily with their time or money, as choosing to live a life that is surrendered to God's will. In truth, all of the above is needed, to live a life that is fully surrendered and obedient.

Surrendering to Christ isn't achieved in a moment, rather it is a daily decision that we must make over and over again. It is a posture that we must build up over time, something that takes continuous practice, and a radical, daily commitment. 

So what do you think your posture looks like to the people around you? Your practices? Your commitments?

Lean into your trusted community and explain how you want to better surrender yourself to the ultimate authority of Christ. Help one another and encourage your aspirations of living a fully surrendered life. Together we will find a higher view of Jesus' authority!

Sermon Notes: Click here.

Sermon Summary Video: Click here.

Discussion Questions: 

1. Do you tend to make decisions on your own or do you invite His Spirit in to lead and direct you? 

2. God asks for our heart, our mind, our soul and our strength. Have you given him all of these or just one? Or maybe just parts of some? What do you keep back for yourself? Discuss with your community.

3. How can you fully surrender these parts of you (heart, mind, soul, strength) to God daily?

Journeying together,