October 13, 2021 South

Sermon Recap and Small Group Questions

Sermon Recap and Small Group Questions

One of my favorite quotes from Pastor Chad's sermon on Sunday was this -- "life is not about comfort, but about the congruence of living with the Holy Spirit."

How truly beautiful and haunting this phrase is! It is so easy to forget this fact and to get caught up in the fast-paced, consumeristic and materialistic culture of today. We have to be intentional every day to choose simplicity, stillness, and quality over the multitude of noises, opportunities and distractions we face each day.

However, when we work hard to maintain a life that is of quality and not quantity, we will find it so much easier to walk away from all of the extra "stuff" when Jesus calls us to. Rather than to be caught in surprise and discouragement as the rich young ruler was in the gospel of Luke, chapter 18, we can start making choices right NOW that will help us keep our eyes on Christ and His heart for the people around us.

Let us work to seek God's narrative, (rather than our own), for our lives and let us seek a high view of His righteousness together!

Sermon Recap Video

Sermon Discussion Questions:

1. Every day, we buy a narrative, stories that affect our heart and mind and thoughts that eventually affect our very soul. What is the narrative that you believe about yourself and your purpose right now?

2. When God appeared to Abraham, calling him to follow him, Abraham fell on his face. This showed an act of submission within his heart and mind. Is this the posture of your life right now? If not, describe what the posture of your heart might look like as a physical posture.

3. What is something you can do to intentionally create a posture of submission and worship in your life right now to be more congruent with the Holy Spirit?

Journeying together to a higher perspective,