October 06, 2021 South

Sermon Recap and Small Group Questions

Sermon Recap and Small Group Questions

It is amazing to me how all of the pieces of this series are dependent upon one another. In order to have a high view of others and love them the way Christ commissions us too, we MUST FIRST have a high view of ourselves. How else could we love the people around us if we haven't first figured out how to love ourselves? And how do we learn to love ourselves? By seeking a high view of God and understanding more the depth of His unfailing love for us and trustworthy character. You can't really love others well, until you have deepened your view of God and yourself first. It all flows from Him! Summary Video: See Below.

Sermon Recap

Discussion Questions: 

1. "Hearing" from God can be a tricky concept. Discuss some ways you believe God speaks to your heart.

2. Have you tried to love others, without first seeking to love God and yourself? Describe how that went? How could it have gone differently if your attempt to love had been filled by the Holy Spirit?

3. What can you do to seek a higher perspective of God? Of yourself? 

4. What is one comfort you believe God is asking you to let go of? Why do you think that is?


Have a wonderful week!